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By Bruce Felps

Full disclosure: I’m two-timing you guys. Well, kind of but not really, but sort of.

Respected real estate blogger Candy Evans asked me to do a story on what effects, if any, Stonewall’s academic rating drop might have on the market for existing home sales in the school’s attendance zone. Continue Reading »


By Bruce Felps

Seems we’ve hit a bit of a glitch here in terms of the e-mail alerts from East Dallas Times many readers signed up to receive.

So far, a handful of readers have reported the alerts come in as “a big blank” or “a gray block — no text or pictures.” Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

A post lunchtime cyber-cruise turned up sad news among Woodrow Nation.

Unfair Park and Frontburner reported the passing of Jerry Haynes, aka: Mr. Peppermint, a television icon to generations of kids.. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

The Balcony Club remains alive and swinging.

After a brush with eviction, a donation-generating night of jazz and libations, along with the rallied support of the community, The Balcony Club raised enough money to appease the landlord.

Behind on rent, owner Thomas Stanco managed to pay off a portion of the debt and, in meeting with amenable property representatives, renegotiate a more favorable lease.

A full release from the club appears after the jump. Suffice it to say, though, that the jazz licks will continue for a good while to come. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

Internet service has been absent this weekend and into the week therefore I’ve been unable to publish any new content until now.

An AT&T technician just resolved the problem, and we now resume our regular programming. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

Vype, a publication dedicated to high school sports and related school activities, plans to feature a local spirit squad on the cover of an upcoming issue.

The group will be selected by an online vote — open to individuals every hour — that closes at 5 p.m., Sept. 15. Continue Reading »

Sunday, solemn Sunday

"Borrowed" with deepest respect

By Bruce Felps

Somehow a series of humorous photos and images just didn’t seem right today.

Perhaps, then, a bittersweet piece produced by the greatness that is The Onion a few weeks after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 would be appropriate.

The satirical publication all but shut down for a couple of weeks after the attacks, but the writers and editors came back strong from the hiatus.

I copied the following piece immediately after reading it, not because I thought I’d use it again in print but because it resonated with me. The tears welled up as the laughter rolled out when I first read it, as they did again today.

It stands the test of time. Oh, and profanity alert: Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

And so, loyal readers, after but about an hour into this Friday, the East Dallas Times broadcast day comes to a conclusion.

Multiple items that require my presence elsewhere clog the day’s schedule, so I’ll be away from the office most of the day. Continue Reading »


By Bruce Felps

Please don’t confuse the headline with the word “hedonism.” They are not synonyms.

Decadence, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, refers to “a period of decline,” 10 years in this context. More on that in a minute.

First, let me tell you a little story. Continue Reading »

Happy Labor Day

By Bruce Felps

In an annual case of irony, we set aside Labor Day and commemorate it by taking a day off from work. Most of us, anyway.

Notice the use of the word “us” in that previous sentence. East Dallas Times resumes its normal broadcasting schedule tomorrow. Today, happy Labor Day.

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