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By Bruce Felps

The monthly Second Saturday Shoreline Spruce-up at White Rock Lake, organized by For the Love of the Lake, fans out to clean up this weekend.

The volunteer service organization takes it upon itself to clean up trash and litter — seemingly redundant, yes, but subtly different — along the banks and wherever else individuals can reach at the lake. Continue Reading »


By Bruce Felps

Stonewall Jackson Elementary School plans a field trip for Oct. 25-28 for fifth-grade students to visit Camp Grady Spruce.

The trip, called stEEP, will teach kids ecology and environmental lessons, and school organizers hope for 100 percent attendance.

Problem is, though, the trip requires a tuition fee, and not all families of Stonewall students can afford the cost. Continue Reading »

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By Bruce Felps

Nature appreciation, creative arts, and friendly fun come to the Bath House Cultural Center this weekend in the form of CommuniTREE, a new event organized by Amy Martin and Earth Rhythms.

The event takes place from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Sept. 24,  along the shore of White Rock Lake.

It’s intended to commemorate, educate, and participate in all things tree beneath the live oaks that surround the Bath House.

Presentations, according to the press release: Continue Reading »

By Brue Felps

It’s bulky trash collection week along my street.

Typically, the city sends out two trucks — one with a mechanical claw-thing like the arcade game on steroids and another for it to dump in the tree parts, bags of lawn clippings, couches, carpet, nasty living room chair the dog claimed as his, ex-spouse’s prized collection of taxidermy hunting trophies — you know, bulky trash. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

For the Love of the Lake volunteers take on the monthly task of cleaning trash from the shores of White Rock Lake this weekend. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

Regardless of plans to take one last summer trip, invite friends over for a holiday cook-out, or heading to the lake for a ski outing, residents can rest assured that one important city job will not take a day off for Labor Day.

The city’s sanitation department plans to run a regular schedule Sept. 5. Trash and recycling collection will take place that Monday, so the gray and blue bins can go out to the curb as usual. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

For the Love of the Lake volunteers take on the monthly task of cleaning trash from the shores of White Rock Lake this weekend.

The Second Saturday Shoreline Spruce-up commences at about 8 a.m., Aug. 13, at the FTLOTL office where volunteers partake of light breakfast fare — muffins, juice, coffee, milk — and collect cleaning and recycling supplies. Continue Reading »

Colin Stanley — Courtesy Photo

Community Contribution

As gas prices continue to frustrate consumers in this economy, some people have decided to try a “greener” approach not only to better the economy but also the environment.

Colin Stanley, an architect on the Design Applications team at Corgan Associates Inc. and a resident of the Casa Linda area, accepted the challenge to build his own electric car for the National “Motor Verks” contest, sponsored by Electric Vehicle Television.  Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

The committee empanelled to study the effects of drilling for natural gas in Dallas conducted its first meeting Tuesday, and the meeting attracted a guest some saw as unwelcomed.

District 9 City Councilman Sheffie Kadane, according to this piece from Unfair Park, not only sat in on the meeting but actively participated … because you really can’t passively participate, can you?

The panel is supposed to be a nonpartisan group just out to collect the facts on natural gas drilling, its techniques, and impacts on the environment. Then it’s to report back with recommendations to City Council before that governmental body votes to allow or disallow drilling within city limits. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

Yes, we all loved the lake during the White Rock Lake Centennial Celebration, which came to its big finish June 25-26.

Like any good party, though, the place needs to be cleaned up afterward.

For the Love of the Lake gets back to its custodial duties this weekend with the monthly Second Saturday Shoreline Spruce-up. Continue Reading »

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