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Elizabeth Pierce — Courtesy Photo

Community Contribution

Corgan, one of the largest U.S.-based architectural and interior design firms, hired Lake Highlands resident Elizabeth Pierce as its marketing manager.

Her main focus will be business development, including support for project proposals, client relations, and creating firm promotional materials. Continue Reading »


Photo by Lisa Krimm-Smith

By Bruce Felps

A photo just arrived showing progress made to Woodrow’s ongoing renovations. Continue Reading »

Courtesy Photo

Community Contribution

The centennials keep coming.

The Vickery Place Centennial Home Tour kicks off on the evening of Saturday Oct. 15 with a VIP party followed by the tour of homes the next day.

Vickery Place commemorates its centennial with a home tour featuring several renovated historic homes ranging in architectural styles from original 1911 Prairie to 1920s Craftsman and Tudor designs, accompanied by a newly constructed home in a contemporary Craftsman style. Continue Reading »

Lakewood Country Club then — Courtesy Image

By Bruce Felps

The year of centennials continues in East Dallas.

Following centennial celebrations for Ebby Halliday, White Rock Lake, and SMU, the Lakewood Country Club — Dallas’ oldest club on the same geographical location — hits the century mark this fall and marks the occasion with a kickoff party for members at 6:30 p.m., Sept. 24. Continue Reading »

Courtesy Photo

Community Contribution

The Munger Place Home Tour and Tremont Party take place this weekend in one of the city’s most architecturally historic neighborhoods..

Five restored homes, one newer Craftsman construction, and the newly renovated Munger Place Church will be on tour to the public from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sept. 24. Continue Reading »

Mark Cardwell — Courtesy Photo

By Bruce Felps

Mark Cardwell of Lakewood recently earned a promotion to associate with the architectural firm Corgan Associates Inc.

According to a press release, “He has worked on projects for Fidelity Investments, Frisco Independent School District, Stream Realty, and Intuit, and frequently deals with high-profile, confidential clients.

“Cardwell is an active member of the American Institute of Architects. He received a bachelor’s degree in environmental design and a master of architecture from Texas A&M University in College Station.”

He served two summer internships with the firm before landing the fulltime gig during 2006.

Courtesy Photo

By Bruce Felps

The accompanying photo — from J.L. Long Middle School Principal Danielle Petters via Kyle Rains — shows construction under way inside the school.

It’s part of the $3.7 million facelift to Long, made possible by a Dallas ISD bond package. Continue Reading »

Hardhat zone — Courtesy of Kyle Rains

By Bruce Felps

Remember those renovations to Woodrow and Long we talked about a month or so ago? No? Here’s a reminder.

Well, sir, Mr. Woodrow All-Alum Kyle Rains just rang the in-box bell with the visual that appears above these fewer-than-1,000 words to indicate that renovations are now under way at Woodrow. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

I have said and written this before and likely will do so again — because I have another freakin’ birthday later this month, and those things are starting to add up to me telling the same damn stories over and over again like Sunday when I treated my sister to her first taste of the greatness of John’s Café and launched into a little ditty that she finished before I really got started and … wait, where was I?

Oh, right, I love this city even though I’m not exactly sure why. I don’t, though, necessarily love the way it’s run sometimes.

Take, for example, the Margaret Hunt Hill Calatrava — when did they get married? — Bridge over the Trinity River.

The municipally departed Tom Leppert and his buddies touted the bridge as a signature Dallas landmark that pointed to the city’s status as “world-class,” and coupled with the Trinity River Corridor Project and renaming of Industrial Boulevard to Riverfront Boulevard [giggle], the world would see how spiffing we really are because we’ve got some spiffing bail bondsmen located along Riverfront Boulevard. Continue Reading »

The Beauty and the Beast castle — Courtesy Photo

By Bruce Felps

The Fairy Tale Castles exhibit continues though the end of the year at the Dallas Arboretum, and now it’s time for kids to play favorites.

Arboretum officials want children to selection their favorite from among the architectural interpretations of “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Princess and The Pea,” “Aladdin,” “Rapunzel,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Jack and the Beanstalk” — no climbing — and “Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters.” Continue Reading »

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