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By Bruce Felps

Full disclosure: I’m two-timing you guys. Well, kind of but not really, but sort of.

Respected real estate blogger Candy Evans asked me to do a story on what effects, if any, Stonewall’s academic rating drop might have on the market for existing home sales in the school’s attendance zone. Continue Reading »


Courtesy Photo

By Bruce Felps

Speaking of Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake, and we were just this morning, the Patient Access Services team pooled their respective carpentry talents to benefit Family Gateway, an Old East Dallas agency that provides housing and services to homeless families.

The access sevices staff built, with their very own hands, a children’s table and two stools for the charity. Continue Reading »

No, no, no, the keyboard, use the keyboard.

By Bruce Felps

This week’s installment of Sunday Funnies excludes cute animals.

In fact, it includes just one animal photo, and it is definitely not “cute.” Wait, there is a picture that has a seagull in it but it’s more cautionary than cute.

Hope you get a few chuckles out of this. I did. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

I hate e-mail spam.

I know, I know, it takes less effort to delete it than it does to walk from the mailbox to the recycle bin with all the sales fliers, value coupons, and AARP offers that arrive via conventional post, but it’s an irrational thing.

My e-mail system doesn’t show them or an accumulated number in the spam file but I just know they’re there, so I clean it out about two or three times a day.

Just now I found the one copied after the jump: Continue Reading »

Brew master Don Barkley with his beer babies — Photo by Scott Booth

By Bruce Felps

I took a swing by Kindred Spirits Friday evening to take a swig from the beer sampling of brews made by Napa Smith, yup, a brewery in the heart of wine country.

Just as surprising as a brewery located in Napa Valley, the brews also provided a few surprises. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

Seems we’ve hit a bit of a glitch here in terms of the e-mail alerts from East Dallas Times many readers signed up to receive.

So far, a handful of readers have reported the alerts come in as “a big blank” or “a gray block — no text or pictures.” Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

During the weekend, Gabriela Kovacic — owner of Café Lago — sent out a press release stating her intention to sell the bistro.

She opted to exclude the asking price but said the established comes with “a good five-year lease and everything in it.” Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

A post lunchtime cyber-cruise turned up sad news among Woodrow Nation.

Unfair Park and Frontburner reported the passing of Jerry Haynes, aka: Mr. Peppermint, a television icon to generations of kids.. Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

Today we have the sign edition of the Sunday funnies.

The images come courtesy of an unexpected source at the Dallas Morning News. I’ve withheld the name out of deference to the person’s position in the newsroom.

Still, it was terrifically nice of someone there to come play over here.  Continue Reading »

By Bruce Felps

The Balcony Club remains alive and swinging.

After a brush with eviction, a donation-generating night of jazz and libations, along with the rallied support of the community, The Balcony Club raised enough money to appease the landlord.

Behind on rent, owner Thomas Stanco managed to pay off a portion of the debt and, in meeting with amenable property representatives, renegotiate a more favorable lease.

A full release from the club appears after the jump. Suffice it to say, though, that the jazz licks will continue for a good while to come. Continue Reading »

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