annually for $60


  1. Here’s wishing you the best, Bruce.

    An idea: see if Times Ten Cellars will provide a couple of glasses of wine per person, and have everyone bring an appetizer, to have a Member Welcome Party! Then, you can get some feedback on the single friends group you were talking about, too!

  1. 1 Capitalizing on Capitalism « East Dallas Times

    […] Speaking of differences, here’s the biggest: East Dallas Times comes with a voluntary subscription fee — either monthly or annually. […]

  2. 2 Enough already « East Dallas Times

    […] Speaking of subscriptions — and I don’t mean to go all KERA pledge drive here, but I’m gonna, so yeah, I guess I do mean it — if you’re reading this online community news source and you’re digging it, please consider a voluntary paid subscription if you haven’t already done so. The means to that end lurk in these dark alleys — monthly or yearly. […]

  3. 3 Poppa Needs New Shoes « East Dallas Times

    […] news is important, do a brutha a solid and click on the paid monthly subscription link or the paid annual subscription link and help keep this thing […]

  4. 4 East Dallas Times two-step « East Dallas Times

    […] the “Information Pages” section, you’ll see a link to “Annual $60 subscription” and one to “Monthly $5 Subscription.” Choose the level at which you wish to subscribe and […]

  5. 5 Scrounging Together 2 Cents « East Dallas Times

    […] few benevolent paid supporters of this little Web site opted to pay their voluntary subscription fees by way of check, which is […]

  6. 6 Priming the pump « East Dallas Times

    […] be four tickets to one show or two tickets each to two shows — for those opting to pop for the $60 annual rate while ticket supplies last. That applies to PayPal and check […]

  7. 7 Here’s Looking’ At You, Cat « East Dallas Times

    […] Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times. For the cat’s sake, hit this button and follow through. Bogart’s down to […]

  8. 8 What a Drag it Is, Indeed « East Dallas Times

    […] and oh, just to treat myself, maybe splurge on a Hamburger Helper du jour if I get a couple of annual subscriptions roll in — I broke down and bought a pair of those magnifying reading glasses over by the […]

  9. 9 Following a suggestion « East Dallas Times

    […] Service League’s Walk, Wag, and Run — and, more so, paid subscriptions — $5 a month or $60 a year — from people who realize some degree of value from the community news and tidbits contained […]

  10. 10 Same pricing, greater aspirations « East Dallas Times

    […] Hmmm, sounds familiar. That’s because this humble little community news site uses the exact same pricing model. […]

  11. 11 Hanging on to Belief, Thread « East Dallas Times

    […] would be golden. Augment that with, oh, 10 percent, maybe a little more of the 1,000 opting for the annual rate, and by retirement age — and I’m closer than I care to think about — I’d be […]

  12. 12 In high spirits « East Dallas Times

    […] not there, although either of those is a fine place to look and act, but I’m talking about a bit father to the […]

  13. 13 All I want for Christmas … « East Dallas Times

    […] kind and caring reader and paid subscriber [cough] took it upon herself to come up with a holiday wish list for yours truly because, “we […]

  14. 14 Putting the Nose to the Milestone « East Dallas Times

    […] the optional — that’s strangely not redundant, although it kind of is … hmmm, a Zen thing — paid subscriptions — and thank you […]

  15. 15 Bringing Up Baby « East Dallas Times

    […] in said content help support the outlets with their voluntary “subscriptions” — $5 a month or $60 per year in this case. I thought it a fair way to work […]

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