East Dallas Times comes online as a kind of spinoff from Black White Read online community newspapers. The editorial philosophy and geographic focus of coverage carry over to this new site, which combines 12 editions into one.

East Dallas Times relies on reader support. That support comes in two ways. The first one is free, kid.

On the front page you’ll see a button labeled “Sign me up.” That triggers the automatic e-mail alerts notifying readers of new published items. Click on the “Manage” function and select “Daily” to avoid receiving an e-mail message every time a new article goes live.

The second level of support happens because readers are willing to pay a pittance for community news. There are two levels — $5 per month or $60 per year — to ensure the continuation of important community news. As one  paid subscriber and community resident said, “Cheaper than the Dallas Morning News and probably more relevant.” Probably? 

Mailing address:
4221 Bryan St., Suite B
Dallas, Texas 75204

E-mail us.


  1. kristin

    looking forward to seeing the East Dallas Times daily.!!

  2. Linda Williams

    Please sign me up for your news. I will miss the Black and White, so wish to continue with yours.

  3. maryann martin

    Please keep me in the loop and subscribe me tho the East Dallas Times..Thankyou for continuing online new, tidbits and info., as I look forward to it every morning.

  4. Gayla Duce

    Please sign me up!!

  5. Aset

    Sign me up! Does this mean the dating club is off?!?

  6. kristin

    Bruce ,,, pls sign me up!!

  7. susan

    Please sign me up.

    Good luck, Bruce!

  8. Darlene

    I subscribed and have been receiving BlackWhiteRead. Will your publication utilize the same subscriber list? If not, sign me up. Thanks

  9. Darlene, the privacy policy of Black White Read prohibits me from downloading the e-mail subscriber list. wouldn’t be ethical. there will be a signup link here and it will be functional in a matter of days. thank you for checking in.

  10. Helen Nixon

    Please sign me up! I always enjoyed your stories and look forward to more.

  11. Bruce – just learning of the BWR shut down. That is such a loss to East Dallas. While I did think a lot of the content was scewed towards lost pets 😉 I liked staying up to day – quickly – on the local goings-on. I think this will be great. Sign me up. cheers~kl

  12. Your Sister

    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your new adventure! Nice to see so many of your “peers” actually wanting you to continue with your writings. What are you paying them? 🙂

  13. I’m signed, sealed & delivered to ya. Paid for one year and already enjoying the new news.
    Good luck and keep ’em coming.

  14. Dear Bruce,
    I salute your efforts. And more than that I’m signing up for a year. KERA radio will just have to wait longer for their $60 from me!
    Hope word spreads and you gain a huge mailing list and subscribers. Community journalism is essential.
    Everyone reading this, please send in $60, wake the kids and phone the neighbors to get involved. I’m thankful to live in east Dallas. Let’s support community support of East Dallas Times!
    P.S. Bruce, tell us what the new little sheet metal drive-through building at Hillside Village is going to be.

  15. Steve

    Shane W., the little sheet metal drive-through is a new White Rock Coffee outlet. Their original is on NW Hwy. Great coffee and nice people.

  16. Jean Ball

    It’s absolutely delightful that someone is continuing a neighborhood news conduit for East Dallas. It is particularly heart-warming that someone living NOW in Old East Dallas wants to know what it was like THEN – in the 70s when we Urban Pioneers were protecting it from the City of Dallas’ wrecking bar. History is so important. Thanks, Bruce. I know I’ll enjoy!

  17. How can I get a banner ad. Love what you are doing.

  18. Debby Lacy

    Bruce, I enjoy seeing what’s going on at East Dallas Times but is there a way you can only send one email per day or so.
    debby lacy

    • bfelps

      Debby, there is but i can’t do it for you. it’s behind the RECEIVE E-MAIL ALERTS FROM EAST DALLAS TIMES, “sign me up” function on the front page under “Manage Account.” there you can select the frequency.

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