Technical difficulties

By Bruce Felps

Seems we’ve hit a bit of a glitch here in terms of the e-mail alerts from East Dallas Times many readers signed up to receive.

So far, a handful of readers have reported the alerts come in as “a big blank” or “a gray block — no text or pictures.”

This started Monday morning, far as I can tell, and sketchy evidence narrows the problem to Internet Explorer. One reader said when she switched over to Firefox the messages appeared as normal. I use Firefox for e-mail and can attest to her comment.

I sent a message to the tech support people at WordPress, the publishing platform I use, and hope to get an answer before Thanksgiving. Yeah, they’re not exactly known for expediency over there.

Bear with me, switch to a different browser if you can, and remember you can always log on to the site directly and not have to rely on e-mail alerts.


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