Beer tasting results

Brew master Don Barkley with his beer babies — Photo by Scott Booth

By Bruce Felps

I took a swing by Kindred Spirits Friday evening to take a swig from the beer sampling of brews made by Napa Smith, yup, a brewery in the heart of wine country.

Just as surprising as a brewery located in Napa Valley, the brews also provided a few surprises.

Lost Dog, the red ale of the line — my preconceived favorite going in — turned out to be a cut above average in my palate’s estimation. Not bad at all — and sorry, I don’t know enough about it to talk barley-malt-yeast content levels and how they change the taste — but not exactly stellar.

The wheat beer was different from a German hefeweizen but still kind of meh, I think.

The standout, to me, was the IPA. I typically despise IPAs but brew master Don Barkley adds in enough malt — ha — to give it a smoother flavor.

Careful, though, because the Lost Dog and the IPA contain a better than 7 percent alcohol-by-volume kick compared to, say, Budweiser at 4.9 percent.

And many thanks to Scott Booth, Lakewood resident and proprietor of Lone Star Photography, for snapping the photos.


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