Stonewall Kicks Off New Year

"... we're all in our places with bright shining faces ..." — Courtesy Photo

Community Contribution by Abra Garrett, Stonewall PTA publicity chair

While triple-digit temperatures would indicate differently, everyone knows the real sign that summer is over is the start of a new school year.

On Monday, Aug. 22, students donned in brand new, crisp white shirts walked across the new, crisp white pavement of the Stonewall “black” top to begin another stellar year at Stonewall Jackson Elementary

A new start time —8:15 a.m. — a new release time — 3:15 p.m. — and a new professional grade 4-Square white-top were not the only changes that had taken place during the summer. Stonewall also welcomed a few new highly qualified teachers to its already extraordinary staff of educators. And, of course, the future class of 2024 — yes, you read that right … the class of ’24 — joined their ranks as well.

After dropping their kindergartners off for the first time, emotional parents were welcomed to the annual “Boohoo Breakfast” sponsored by the PTA. There they enjoyed coffee, doughnuts, and some conciliatory hugs from other parents who had “been there, done that.” Additionally, they had the opportunity to join the Stonewall PTA and learn about the multitude of volunteer opportunities awaiting them at SWJ.

As the day — and then the week — wore on, parents, students, teachers, and administrators, quickly settled into the routine of being back in school. Laughter rang through the hallways as excited children greeted old and new friends, and settled securely back into their “home away from home” at the pride of East Dallas, Stonewall Jackson.


  1. Sally Brown

    Cute write-up, but no comment on SJE’s fall in academic status from “Exemplary” to merely “Acceptable?” A comment from the principal about how to regain the Exemplary status would have been welcomed.

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