Extending a Neighborly Reach

Ted Thompson and his trusty steed — Photo by Lilia Estrada

By Bruce Felps

Ted Thompson, president of the Greenland Hills Neighborhood Association, has friends in Bastrop County, Texas. Bastrop County has wildfires and needs for displaced residents, hundreds of families.

Put the three together and they equal an East Dallas neighbor’s determination to help.

Thompson and his partner organized a donation drive, taking place now, to collect items needed by the folks in Bastrop.

The needs list includes new or slightly used clothes for all manner of men, women, and children, toiletries, non-perishable foodstuffs, bottled water and sports drinks, bed linens, air mattresses and sleeping bags — just about anything and everything imaginable.

Take donated items to Thompson’s home, please, and leave them on the front porch.

He and his partner leave Saturday morning, destined for Foundation Christian Ministries, on a delivery mission of compassion to Bastrop.


  1. Lilia Estrada

    Just to let everyone know Ted will be trying to head to Bastrop on Saturday, so if you would like to donate the time would be now…this is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to those in need. Blessings for a safe trip to Ted and his great cause…

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