Propping up the Balcony

By Bruce Felps

Hard times have hit The Balcony Club.

Expenses caused by code issues, the down economy, and disagreements with the landlord all conspired to take a big bite out of the jazz club’s revenue, so much so that it might close down later this month.

The club, though, is still in there swinging.

The owner plans to throw a benefit in what might be a last-ditch effort to keep it afloat.

The event takes place from 2 p.m.-2 a.m., Sept 10-11, at the club. Donations of $5 are requested for admission.

Time to rally ‘round the jazz.


  1. I love the Balcony Club. But here is a typical conversation. “The Balcony Club? What’s that?” A jazz club. “Do they have website?” No. “How about an email list?” No. “Do they post regularly and have a page on Facebook?” Not really. “So how do they expect someone to know they’re there?”

  1. 1 Balcony Club staves off eviction « East Dallas Times

    […] a brush with eviction, a donation-generating night of jazz and libations, along with the rallied support of the community, The Balcony Club raised […]

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