Buc Navigators Support Long Sixth-Graders

Long eighth-graders Isabella Bentley, Kylie Brown, and Cammy Resnick have fun playing a leadership game at the New Buc Navigators' first meeting. — Courtesy Photo

Community Contribution

As Dallas ISD students prepare to go back to school next week by gathering school supplies and shopping for uniforms, a group of eighth-graders at J.L. Long Middle School are going the extra mile by taking part in a new peer leadership group.

“I’m looking forward to our eighth-graders mentoring, leading, and helping our incoming sixth-graders navigate through middle school,” Long teacher Vanessa Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez will co-lead the group with fellow teacher LeAnna Bentley. 

“The enthusiasm that these eighth-graders have for helping others is contagious,” Bentley said, adding that she was impressed by the kids’ positive attitudes.

The students recently met at the school to play leadership games led by Carol Whitsitt, Youth Development director at the YMCA at White Rock, and discuss the needs of incoming sixth-graders.

The kids selected the name of the new group, deciding “Buc Navigators” expressed perfectly their goal of easing the transition from elementary to middle school.

Rodriguez and Bentley accepted applications for the group from students last spring. They hope that the Buc Navigators will encourage new students while building the eighth-graders’ leadership skills.

Sixth-graders can look forward to meeting the Buc Navigators in their Advocacy Classes when they come to school next week.

Thanks to Ashley Brown, mom of a Long student, for providing the words and pictures.


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