By Bruce Felps

The powers at Lakewood Country Club evidently took great umbrage to the property valuation ascribed to its 120-ish acres by the Dallas Country Appraisal District.

DCAD, according to a post yesterday at Unfair Park, says it’s worth $6.95 million … 120 acres … at Gaston and Abrams … right across the street from Whole Foods Lakewood, which Unfair Park pointed out for sake of comparison, covers about 3 acres and carries a valuation of nearly $4.7 million.

Lakewood CC representatives say, oh no, no, no … “compared to a sample of properties consisting of a reasonable number of other properties similarly situated to, or of the same general kind or character as the Property” it should be valued at way less.

OK, I am no math whiz so please check my work, but $6,950,000 divided by 120 = $57, 916.67 per acre in arguably one of the three top areas of Dallas and its environs. That’s just the land.

On a lark, I compared that to the Lakewood house in which I once was a partner. It’s land valuation, just the land, for considerably less than a quarter of an acre now stands at $140,630.


  1. Helen Nixon

    Well, that would put Whole Foods at $1,566,666.67 an acre.So I’d say Lakewood CC got a pretty good deal. It’d be interesting to compare Lakewood’s valuation to other country club’s.

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