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Exchange Club President Bryan McCrory, D’lane Maselunas, and Exchange Club Vice President Robert Sullivan — Courtesy Photo

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D’lane Maselunas, owner of D’lane Maselunas Travel, addressed the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands during its regular Friday meeting July 29.

She spoke on How to Use a Travel Agent and Cut Through the Dot-com Madness.

Maselunas has years of working in the area on corporate, large-group events, and travel planning. Her company continues to serve those markets but in recent years her company has branched out to serve individuals for the vacation and leisure travel needs.

Maselunas provided the audience with useful insights as to how individuals can best plan their vacations and leisure trips. According to Maselunas, many travelers believe they can gather all of the information they need to successfully plan their trip by simply performing a few Google searches on their desired destination.

While the websites that come up can provide useful information there is often important “inside scoop” that these websites do not provide, and that is where a good travel agent can come in.

She gave an example of a client who wanted to book a certain hotel in Hawaii for a family vacation only to find out after arriving the pool at the hotel was closed for renovations.

“This is the kind of inside information that a good travel agent can find out for you,” she said.

Maselunas also said that despite what many travelers believe, a good travel agent can often find better deals and amenities than what may be available on the popular travel booking websites.

“We can often find good packages to places like Disney World on account of our access to blocked space reserved by other travel agencies,” she said.

At the end of her talk, someone from the audience asked Maselunas about her favorite travel experience. She said, without hesitation, her favorite was going along on a drive to view wild game in South Africa.


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