Remembering a Grande Dame Great Dane

Judy, Minelli, Lucky — Courtesy Photo

Community Contribution by Gabriela Kovacic

Many of you may recall the much publicized story of Minelli the goat, Judy the Great Dane, and Lucky the tripod Lab.

Judy and Minelli left their home in Garland, were found resting in a flower bed, rescued, taken in at East Lake Pet Orphange, then the commotion ensued when the sheriff’s office removed the bleating goat from ELPO and Judy, who he thought was his mother.

The three were reunited at ELPO, and it all led to a party in their honor on Aug. 8, 2010, at Café Lago to raise funds for their many medical expenses. They later were spotlighted in a show on National Geographic’s cable TV channel and, of course, went to a forever home for the three in Ennis.

Life takes its turns, and we sadly announce that Judy passed away on July 20. Danes tend to have a life span of about a decade and this was her destiny. 

She had a good spirit, a kind and gentle demeanor, and a great sense of adventure. Her last year of life served much purpose in reminding us all of the goodness of friendship — regardless of where we come  from — the loyalty to friends, and to always remember that in good times and bad we should all stick close to those we love.

Our sympathies go to Minelli and Lucky, to the family who adopted them, to ELPO, and to all who participated in their care and well-being and fundraising or publicity.

Thank you, Judy, enjoy your forever time over the Rainbow Bridge.

St. Francis of Assisi will now be your guide.

Gabriela Kovacic owns and operates Café Lago, the city’s first restaurant to receive a pet-friendly permit.


  1. Sharon

    Rest with the angels, sweet Judy.

  2. Wendy LW

    The three were meant to be…together in life.
    And luckily for them, they were able to enjoy the kindness you have all shown and shared with them.
    Thank you all very much.

  3. Hope Minnelli doesn’t take it too hard! And I love the pic of Lucky’s eyes closed! too cute!

    • bfelps

      I know, Alessia, that photo, if memory serves, was a publicity still from the NatGeo program. makes Lucky look like he’s so mugging it up for the camera.

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