Sheets Represents

Exchange Club Vice President Ronda Moreland and State Rep. Kenneth Sheets — Courtesy Photo

Community Contribution

State Rep. Kenneth Sheets, a member of the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands, addressed the club at its regular Friday breakfast meeting on July 22.

He provided an interesting and informative review of the activities of the Texas Legislature in its recently completed 82nd Regular Legislative Session and Special Session.

Sheets first discussed the bills that were passed in response to Gov. Rick Perry’s designation of certain “emergency issues,” including voter ID requirements, reform of eminent domain law, requirements regarding sonograms for pregnant women seeking abortions, and tort reform.  

He also gave the audience an overview of the biennial state budget passed by the Legislature, in particular what had to be done in order to close the $26 billion shortfall without raising taxes.

Sheets then touched on some of the bills with respect to which he was a joint author or joint sponsor, including a bill referred to as “Henda’s law” — named for Lakewood resident Henda Salmeron — which requires certain information be provided with mammography reports regarding supplemental breast cancer screening, and the College Credit for Heroes, which establishes a program to award college credits to veterans for their training, education, and experience obtained while in the military.

Finally, Sheets reported that as a result of the redistricting bill passed by the Legislature, the boundaries of his House District 107 will be changed, starting with the next election in 2012, and will no longer include a portion of the Lake Highlands area.

Starting with the 2012 election, the Lake Highlands area will be covered almost entirely by House District 114, currently occupied by Rep. Will Hartnett. Sheets expressed his regret at losing the opportunity to represent a portion of the Lake Highlands area.

At its regular Friday breakfast meetings, the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands periodically hosts presentations from public officials at all levels — city, county, state, and federal. Next month Congressman Jeb Hensarling is scheduled to address the club.


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