Bath House Funding Down the Drain

By Bruce Felps

The city faces yet another budget shortfall for the 2012 fiscal year and city officials, particularly City Manger Mary Suhm, are looking for ways to trim expenses.

In a memo dated Jul 15 to the mayor and City Council, Suhm addressed some questions posed during a June budget workshop.

One question pertained to cultural programs and cuts to the relative operating budgets for facilities such as the Meyerson, South Dallas, Latino, and Bath House cultural centers.

Both the Bath House and Latino cultural centers face a 20 percent cut in operating funds for fiscal 2012 — compared to the fiscal budget for this year — if the proposals go through.

The trim would shed $3,543 from the Bath House fund, which would reduce exhibits from 15 to 12 and shorten by one week the run of one of the 1:30 Productions plays.

The Latino Cultural Center would lose $11,118 from its fiscal 2012 budget. That cut would translate into seven exhibits instead of eight, the loss of the Dia del Niño community festival, and the rental fee waiver granted to seven community groups that now use at no cost the center as a meeting site.

Hello Friends support groups.


  1. kristi kay singletary

    Lets do an art sale on Saturdays..Art Mart..artist can bring their pieces to sell and art lovers will have a chance to view local artist and buy one of a kind pieces..Have a local caterer come in with food/drink small fee at the door for overhead expenses and time. For the love of the Lake and the Sake of Art.

  2. Ah, but plenty of money for bridges to nowhere and downtown playgrounds for wealthy art patrons…

  3. lucky

    I agree with Kristy!

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