Remembering East Dallas Past

Still from “East Dallas, Summer, 1974” — Courtesy Texas Archive of the Moving Image

By Bruce Felps

Weekend web-perusals turned up an East Dallas gem stored at Texas Archive of the Moving Image, found by way of Unfair Park.

The three-minute video, shot by one-time East Dallas resident Blaine Dunlap and titled “East Dallas, Summer, 1974,” focuses on a then-elderly resident named Florence Mayfield.

In the short, she talks of growing up in the neighborhood, attending Woodrow Wilson High School, visiting the original library branch, and all the changes experienced in the community.

It’s a sweet-voiced look back in time and well worth investing 3:12 of the day. Watch it here.


  1. Kenny Novorr

    I remember talking with this lovely lady one day, as I worked in my front yard at my newly purchased decrepit house at 5303 Swiss. She told me she remembered coming to my home, as a girl with her mother, for tea. She told me she came in a horse and buddy and could remember the flowers in the bay window box in the dining room. This home was the first built in all of Munger Place in 1905, and our conversation was close to 1974, not long after I purchased it in 1973. Kenny Novorr

  2. I have documented much of Lakewood/East Dallas history and some of downtown Dallas too in 3 books. The Lakewood StarWalk is still available at the DOT store, 5810 Live Oak, for $10.00. Full of photos and history and many many familiar names of those of us who have lived here a long time. All sales benefit DOT’s 2700 terminally ill children, women & men. I came to Dallas in 1948 and fell in love with Dallas history. Still love it.
    Thanks Bruce for putting this charming bit of time.

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    […] We conclude this broadcasting day much the same way we started it, with a video depicting some neighborhood history. […]

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