Kadane’s presence arches eyebrows

By Bruce Felps

The committee empanelled to study the effects of drilling for natural gas in Dallas conducted its first meeting Tuesday, and the meeting attracted a guest some saw as unwelcomed.

District 9 City Councilman Sheffie Kadane, according to this piece from Unfair Park, not only sat in on the meeting but actively participated … because you really can’t passively participate, can you?

The panel is supposed to be a nonpartisan group just out to collect the facts on natural gas drilling, its techniques, and impacts on the environment. Then it’s to report back with recommendations to City Council before that governmental body votes to allow or disallow drilling within city limits.

Kadane’s presence and apparent support for drilling — “And I think it’s good. We need to do it.” — didn’t break any rules or breach any protocols but some people saw it as a means to sway the panel to the pro-drilling side.

“He showed up, took a seat with the panel and participated in the discussion trying to sway the conversation in favor of allowing drilling,” anti-drilling activist Marc McCord said in the comments section and opening paragraph of the Unfair Park piece.

Another commenter who signed on as “Darrd2010” I thought said it best:

“Sheffie, Carolyn, Angela, Linda, Jerry, etc., have no place by ‘sitting in’ on this panel. Just as they don’t ‘sit in’ at a city planning commission hearing, they should not be a part of the task force panel participating in the process before the results come to the council. Otherwise, you have city council members injecting their own philosophy by way of questions which occurred yesterday at the meeting.”


  1. City council people are supposed to be NON partisan. So much for that ideal – Lepper proved it wrong, as did Miller. I don’t mis-spell out of neglect. Bad seeds in both parties.

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