Protecting pets from coyotes, other predators

By Bruce Felps

This topic seems to arise periodically, and likely will never go away.

An e-mail message from the Wilshire Heights Neighborhood Association brought word of a small dog, about 17 pounds, recently attacked by “something” in the dog’s backyard. The something left two large puncture wounds below the dog’s ears, which became infected and nearly killed the canine.

According to the e-mail message, “We believe there is a large predatory critter in the area, but we have no idea what it is. It might be a coyote, bird of prey, raccoon … whatever it was, the thing got into a fenced yard and out again after attacking the dog.”

The something almost assuredly did not attack for sport. It was more likely hungry or had little ones to feed.

The president of the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association, involved in the e-mail thread, mentioned coyote sightings in the area. 

Yes, there are wild animals about. We have a lake and undeveloped areas just right over there, and all manner of wildlife call it and its environs home, ya know, if they could speak English.

It has been said before and it shall be said again, it is best to supervise pets’ outdoors activities, particularly between sundown and sunrise when a lot of the predatory animals are on the prowl and wing. Outdoor cats are at particular risk.

Love your pets? Protect them.


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