Malnourished Dogs Rescued, Nursed, Ready for Adoption

By Bruce Felps

An East Dallas woman sent an e-mail message today about two dogs she helped save from deplorable conditions.

She said she spotted Lola and Pepe — both chow-mixes, he black and she light brown — while driving through East Dallas. From about 30 feet away she could tell the dogs were emaciated to the point their skeletal structures were visible from the street.

The dogs were chained with no shade, food, or water. Lola and Pepe reacted in a combination of fear and friendly as the woman approached, she wrote. She found them to be “very weak, dehydrated, literally starving to death, and sick as they were both crawling with fleas, draining them of what little their ravaged bodies had left.”

A rescue, a trip to a veterinarian’s clinic, a special diet, and about three weeks combined to increase both dogs’ weights — although still about 10 pounds shy each of their ideal weights — and hydration levels as well as their energy levels and their overall health.

Both are estimated to be about 5 years old. Lola now weighs 50 pounds, and Pepe tips the scales at 40 pounds.

They are clean now of fleas and tested negative for heartworms and other parasites. Both are altered, and you know what that means.

The rescuer described Pepe as shy but prone to bouts of affection. He enjoys playing with other dogs, but is “terrified of crates.”

Lola, too, is cautious about meeting new people but also prone to warm up and become affectionate. She sleeps well in a crate, plays well with others, but she does display food aggression toward other dogs — not people — and should be feed separately.

As the rescuer wrote, “These two guys have [had] a long rough life and have fought like champs to recover, they deserve [a] loving home.”

Contact the rescuer and now foster-mom for more information or to arrange a meeting.


  1. Celeste

    What a great thing she did. The people who owned these dogs should be prosecuted!

  2. Jessica

    Hi! I am Jessica (Foster mom for Lola & Pepe). The owner actually came up to my work and attempted to have me arrested by Dallas Police for “stealing” her dogs. Even though I had pictures of the dogs chained up (which is illegal in dallas) and receipts/reports from the vet concerning their condition…I was told that it was I who had broken the law. In the state of Texas animals are property, simple fact and the officer told me I had no right to take the law into my own hands and that the owner could press charges on me should she choose to do so. The officer informed me I should of called animal control and they would of “came right out, taken the dogs in, fed them and found them new homes.” I’m not sure what planet he is from but he apparently isn’t aware of how the city he works for functions AT ALL! Anyway, the owner left the store before the cops could talk to her about pressing charges (apparently once she realized they wanted her name and info, she decided she had taken things too far). I imagine she has bigger things to worry about then dog abuse charges…anyone who could watch dogs starve to death in their front yard is probably up to no good in many other aspects of their life. Anyway, I just thought I would share the additional ridiculous mess that has come along with this rescue…..

  3. hey bruce – so how does one donate to this angel-lady? thank you, gabriela

    • bfelps

      her mail address is linked in the story toward the bottom – when i took by some dog food today she told me way more to the story than printed here. she deserves a lot of good karma.

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