Photo courtesy of Mark Davis

By Bruce Felps

Mark Davis, our photographic shutter-buddy from Lake Highlands, usually makes me laugh.

His Photo of the Week missives always carry a non sequitur rant about something or other, and this week’s made me laugh in a bitter kind of way.

See for yourself.

The latest reality show is about politics. Like TV reality shows, the contestants and a select group of supporters called “Cronies” are asked a series of questions in order to advance. But where this show differs from other programs is that only the wrong answer is rewarded.

Every blunder, mistake, or bad decision means they win more money and fame for themselves and their “Cronies” as well as the chance to continue play at the next level. If they keep screwing up they eventually rise to the top of the political pyramid.

Another hilarious twist is that all the prize money comes from the viewing audience. Eventually everyone is flat broke and homeless thanks in large part to the contestants’ constant errors in judgment. Pretty cool, huh?

Oh, yeah, the name of the show — “Why Aren’t You Smarter Than A Pomegranate?” And it is VERY REAL!

This week’s POTW is my version of Dallas with fireworks.


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