"White Rock Boat House" - Color photograph by Todd Landry

By Bruce Felps

The White Rock Lake Centennial Celebration concluded last weekend but the lake remains the jeweled accessory that pulls together the East Dallas community garment.

The Bath House Cultural Center pays tribute to White Rock with a photographic gallery called White Rock Lake: An Inspiring Work of Art, which runs through Oct. 1 in the White Rock Lake Museum. The Bath House’s Enrique Fernández Cervantes  serves as curator of the showing.

The exhibit features the work of local photographic artists J R Compton, Brian Hiltz, and Todd Landry. A free artists reception takes place from 7-9 p.m., July 9, at the Bath House.

From a press release issued by the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs:

The three photographers have come to recognize White Rock Lake as a true ecological, recreational, and cultural treasure that possesses an exquisite and elegant presence that is worth capturing on film and digital photographic media.

The sources of inspiration for the three artists are diverse, but their affinity for capturing images of nature brings them together in this project organized by the White Rock Lake Museum in celebration of the Centennial of the lake.

The photographers evoke a deep sense of serenity and introspection with their images. They also reveal things and moments that are often overlooked in our daily life.

The photographers focus on what is frequently imperceptible or disregarded in nature and bring it forward with great skill and a reverential artistic eye, allowing the viewer to perceive the astounding splendor of our oasis in the middle of the city.

The jewel of Dallas? In so many ways.


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