Wrapping 100 years of parties

Courtesy Image

By Bruce Felps

It’s mostly behind the Dallas Morning News paywall, but the paper’s Metro section today also contains an article on this weekend’s Beach Party of the Century, the whole White Rock Centennial Celebration, and an early estimate on just how much money was raised for capital improvements around the lake.

According to a quote by Reena Morris, one of the co-chairs of the host committee, the 100 days of events raised about $200,000 with more reports from various events yet to be tallied.

The city also set aside a $300,000 grant to fund a public arts work to be displayed at the White Rock Spillway. Artists are welcome to bid on the project and present concepts when the city opens the process during the fall.

Morris, bless her indefatigable spirit, said in the story and to me about a week ago that, no, she’s not tired of the whole centennial thing at all, thank you. In fact, she’s trying to come up with a way to make probably a smaller version of the 100-day celebration a regular event.

She noted in our conversation that it took four years for White Rock to fill as a lake after the dam was completed. Hmmm …


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