Desiree Korn and Elizabeth Dry — Surprisingly Not Terrible Photo by Bruce Felps

By Bruce Felps

The Bath House Cultural Center veranda and basement seating overflowed Sunday mid-afternoon with diners attending the Chefs’ Picnic at the Lake.

The rest of the party grounds, well, not so much.

The picnic served as the big culinary culmination to The Veranda Lounge dining experience that took place as part of the Beach Party of the Century segment of the Comerica White Rock Lake Centennial Celebration — and, seriously, a big round of applause for all the people who made it happen. They worked their little lake-y butts off.

The picnic also raised money for the Dallas chapter of the American Red Cross, which, too, celebrates a centennial this year.

Anyway, inside the basement setup, Elizabeth Dry, executive director of Promise of Peace Community Garden, sported a funky little hat made there on premises with a rediscovered longtime friend with whom she attended school awhile back.

Desiree Korn went to Lakewood Elementary School back in the day before moving away with her family. Recently, she returned to the East Dallas area, Forest Hills to be precise, and started up a small business called Just Hattin’ Around, examples of products appear at the top of this page.

Korn creates and sells each unique hat — few two, if any, are exactly alike — in part to help raise money for community nonprofit groups.

She sets up at community and neighborhood events, kids’ birthday parties, and the like to properly coif attendees in everything from upscale top hats to down-and-kicky party hats.

Contact Dry for more information about Just Hattin’ Around.


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