A day at the lake

Max and Denise Davis of the Little Forest Hills get into the, um, swim of centennial festivities.

By Bruce Felps

Admittedly, I picked the wrong time of yesterday to make it over to the Beach Party of the Century.

I pulled into the Norbuck Park lot at about 2:45 p.m. to catch the shuttle bus to the Bath House. I think I woke up the driver. I was the only party patron in the lot.

Cool, though, that when I arrived a convoy of classic cars headed my way as I walked to the Bath House. I got a close-up view of about a dozen of those beauties in action and exchanged pleasantries and a couple of palm slaps with the drivers and passengers.

The party grounds, though, were sparsely peopled. Most folks headed to indoors comfort of air conditioning during the heat of mid-day, so, frankly, it was pretty quiet out there.

I did manage to snap a few photos, some shared here, most too lacking in quality to deserve anything but the “delete” key.

I am such a lousy photographer.


  1. Bob Loblaw

    For all the build-up, it was really a disappointment, wasn’t it? I blame a lot of it on the bizarre parking decision. “The first thing we need to do is make sure no one can get within miles of the event.” Norbuck is at least 2 miles away, and I wouldn’t have trusted my family’s transportation on a scorching day to “some guy with a golf cart.”

    I thought the Bath House was a good choice because there is a fair amount of parking (virtually empty when I hiked by),–plus people can walk from Big Thicket and Dryfuss. And however much the neighbors may complain (and once a century, they can take one for the Park),–parking is legal on street on the Peninsula. But they wouldn’t let anyone near the event,–they even blocked-off the legal parking on Lake Highlands.

    The fireworks were half-hour late and were, um, less than spectacular.

    And it was expensive.

    Better luck next century.

  2. bfelps

    i thought the shuttle bus from norbuck to be quite efficient. even though i was the only one there the driver took me to right near the front gate. the drop-off point was a lot closer than walking from the ticket or the old dreyfuss location. the golf carts were there at the bath house. didn’t make it back for the fireworks, though.

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