Now, A Word for Our Sponsors

By Bruce Felps

Well now, aren’t you just the lucky ones getting two White Rock’s Edge installments within a matter of days?

No, guess you’re not.

Anyway, I decided to pay some props to the businesses that help this little enterprise stay in business. That would be the ones running down the right column of the front page — Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake, Guardian Mortgage, BubbleLife Media, Kindred Spirits, Lakehill Preparatory School, Medallion Discount Liquor, and Body Beautiful Studio.

Two things really set this apart from your typical celebrity endorsements. First, these guys do not have a celebrity endorsing them; they only have me. Second, I really do use their goods and services when my life necessitates.

The good Doctors

Fortunately, and I have a hardwood floor in my office so excuse me while I lean over and knock, I have not needed the service of a hospital since I was about 14 and admitted during a family vacation to Florida. I do not like Florida to this day. Still, I know Doctors offers the community some top-notch care.

Their website, right up front, gives an estimated wait time between emergency room check-in and physician check-up. They have a full slate of specialized care units and medical staff dedicated to ladies things, men’s things, bariatric things, cardiovascular things, and all manner of internal gooshy things and external wellness things.

They also conduct ambulance-to-ER wireless triage, which cuts down on treatment time when a patient arrives, and that’s all good.

Mortgaging the future

Guardian Mortgage focuses on the finer details of financing home purchases related to some of the special situations we have in East Dallas. Older houses — and related renovations — need special attention from both the seller and buyer when writing up the contracts that fund said renovations.

Their vice president, Marcus McCue pens — can you say that anymore in a computer-word processing-keyboard world? — a monthly advice column for your humble community news site here that provides guidelines on a variety of contractual considerations buyers and sellers should ponder before signing that dotted line.

I hope to engage Guardian as my mortgage company when I’m finally able to buy a house again, which will happen when I make consistently secure money from this little enterprise … or win the Texas Lotto.

Riding the bubble

BubbleLife Media, which started in the Park Cities — and I am embarrassed to admit it took me awhile to clue into that one — compiles all the daily East Dallas Times posts, along with one or two other outlets, for its daily Lakewood-M Streets news e-mail edition.

More importantly, though, each e-mail edition also includes a GroupOn-like aspect in the form of discount offers from Lakewood BubbleLife advertisers and sponsors. Unlike GroupOn, the offers are for merchants and service providers right here in the neighborhood rather than anywhere from Coppell to McKinney to Frisco … I mean, who cares about those ‘burbs?

Getting in the spirit

Kindred Spirits, a warm boutique wine, distilled spirits, and beer-ale shop, gets more of my money than I care to admit. Jon and Eric, brothers-in-law, front the family business and know their vineyard, distillery, and brewery stuff.

The shop pretty much makes you feel like you’re browsing in a family den — most times complete with an attention-seeking yellow Lab providing a friendly nuzzle — but leave the Three Philosophers alone. Those are mine.

Preparing the future

I do not have kids. Whew. But I do know one stellar record when I see one.

Lakehill’s been around long enough now to have educated 37, maybe 38 years of graduating senior classes. They have an intact 100-percent graduation rate. That, friends, is impressive for any school, public or private.

This year’s grads numbered 32, so yes, the odds of a total class graduating improve, but those 32 kids collectively received 170 acceptance letters from 100 colleges to enroll for next school year’s sessions at higher education institutions.

Um, wow.

Golden Medallion

Been over to Lakewood Medallion Discount Liquor store since the new owner — hey, Mark — took over?

The same staff still work the store and greet regular customers by name, just like they always have. Biggest difference is the pricing and weekly discounted items — sometimes vodka, sometimes bourbon, always specials on select wines on top of the standard 10-15 percent off prices you’d find at other mass-merchant liquor stores.

And, as they say in the advertising world: But wait, there’s more. Mention that you read about Lakewood Medallion Discount Liquor at East Dallas Times and receive an addition 10 percent off your purchase. That is cool beans.


Body Beautiful Salon and East Dallas Times have a different type of business relationship from most advertiser-media outlet arrangements. The owner, Barb, is a longtime friend of mine.

She offered use of her physical mailing address one evening when I bemoaned the monthly cost of leasing a mail box while out at happy hour with Barb and her husband, Brian, so in return I offered her advertising space here as a thank-you.

I must admit, though, that I’ve not used the Body Beautiful Studio tanning or skin care services. Barb said something about not taking hopeless cases.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times. He thanks his sponsors, and hopes you will visit each one when the need or desire arises.


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