Doctors Hospital Delivers for Preemie

Connie Stanchek, Lily, and dad — Courtesy Photo

Community Contribution

Connie Stanchek didn’t know just how early her baby girl was coming, but she was sure of one thing: she wanted Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake OBGYN Dr. James Schermerhorn to deliver her.

Schermerhorn had delivered all of Stanchek’s sisters’ babies, and between his expertise and Doctors’ new NICU Level II offerings for babies born as early as 30 weeks, she knew it was the right place to go for the pre-term labor she was expecting.

“We really wanted to be at Doctors because you get such great one-on-one care there,” she said. “It’s a more personal experience, and they’re very capable. They have an excellent nursing staff, great doctors, and an excellent neonatology group.”

On March 7, Connie gave birth to Liliana — Lily for short — after just 30 weeks of pregnancy. Lily weighed only 2 pounds and 12 ounces, but Doctors was able to provide the special care she needed for the first five weeks of her life through its advanced NICU offerings.

Lily was the youngest and smallest baby born in Doctors to date.

“Having a baby that prematurely is a very scary thing,” Stanchek said. “The fact that we had such a positive experience speaks very highly of Doctors Hospital. The care I received there was unbelievable and top-notch.”

Schermerhorn has delivered a total of 11 babies during the last 11 years for Stanchek and her three sisters, one of whom just gave birth at Doctors in early May, only two months after Lily was born there.

Over the years, Schermerhorn has become an honorary member of Stanchek’s family, and is now invited to their baby showers.

“It’s amazing to go and see all these kids who I helped deliver,” he said. “One of the best parts of my job is watching the kids I delivered grow up and hearing what they’re up to now.”


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