Battling Bullying

By Bruce Felps

Parents of students enrolled at J.L. Long Middle School have started a movement to stop campus bullying.

According to one parent, the intimidation and abuse is targeted at teachers as well as students.

“The bullying at Long has reached epidemic proportions,” the parent wrote in an e-mail message.

Parents and some faculty members convene at 4 p.m., May 26, at a private residence to discuss the problem and work to prevent bullying.

Contact the host for more specifics, including the address.


  1. A Concerned Buc

    As an active member of the Long PTA I have not heard anything about this, the group of parents, or this meeting. I hope that they contacted their child’s counselor immediately after something happened. They would get the ball rolling and take action. I also hope that they contacted Principal Petters because bullying is a zero tolerance offense at Long and none of the administration would tolerate it. As you know Bruce, Long has had bullying seminars this year, just a few months ago in fact, and although the attendance was very sparse, the school clearly understands this issue.

    Long Main Office (972) 502-4700
    6th—Mr. Engle (972) 502-4722
    7th—Mrs. Stone (972) 502-4719
    8th—Mr. Flanigan (972) 502-4761

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