LH Students, Teachers Honored

Brenda Marr, Merriman Park Elementary, and Kay Waggoner, RISD superintendent

Community Contribution

The Exchange Club of Lake Highlands recently celebrated the end of the school year with presentations for Youth of the Year, 2011 Teachers of the Year, and the ACE Award winners.

An award breakfast took place May 13 at Lake Highlands United Methodist Church.

The Exchange Club’s Director of Youth, Truitt Mathews, presented the Youth of the Year awards to senior students Libby Seeley and David Harris.

Youth of the Year is designed to recognize industrious high school students who attain high levels of academic achievement while also demonstrating leadership, involvement, participation, and a willing desire to serve others in their school, community, and beyond.

They were selected by a committee made up of ECLH members, and each student received a $1,000 scholarship.

Teachers of the Year were selected by their peers and schools in the Lake Highlands area. They are eligible on a rotating basis.

John York, Exchange Club director of community service introduced Richardson ISD Superintendent Kay Waggoner who made the presentations.

Teachers in the Lake Highlands area who received the honor were Carrie Ogden Faltysek, Forest Meadow Junior High; Karen House, Lake Highlands Junior High; Mark Dungan, Lake Highlands Elementary; Brenda Marr, Merriman Park Elementary; Brooke Baumgartner, Skyview Elementary; and Alicia Arruda, Thurgood Marshall Elementary.

Principals of each school were in attendance to honor their teacher.

The final award presented was the ACE Award. This award is presented to students who “Accept the Challenge of Excellence.” ACE Awards were presented to Tuan Iang and Eyobe Tameme.

The ACE Award recognizes high school students who have either made dramatic changes in their attitude and performance during high school or who have overcome great physical, emotional, or social obstacles and are eligible for graduation.

Their selection was made by the counselors at Lake Highlands High School. The ACE Award winners received a cash award to be used for college expenses.

The Exchange Club recognizes the accomplishments made by both students and teachers throughout the year.

Thanks to Steve White of the Exchange Club for providing the words and pictures.


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