Navigating Life’s Options

By Laurie Grace

GPS. Mapquest. Googlemaps. Directions are at our fingertips.

I admit it — I’ve been spoiled by the convenience of it all. But, I do recall a time when I pulled out a Mapsco and determined directions on my own. I found my destination on the Mapsco page, saw the cross streets, then traced it all back to my location. I actually had to put in effort to find my way.

Now, I click the “maps” button on my iPhone, enter my desired address, then voila, a list of directions instantly appears. Truly, I love it. I have become accustomed to the ease. It provides me with convenience and efficiency. What’s not good about that?

I had never really thought much about it until recently during one of my coaching sessions.

In coaching, I clarify quickly it’s not about giving clients predefined answers. It’s about their working for the answers they haven’t yet tapped.

My morning client that day gave me some powerful feedback at the end of our session. She said, “Your questions kept me digging for more meaningful answers. You didn’t just give me your ideas or your answers.”

Wow, she got it.

Naturally, she came into our coaching session thinking that I would give her a prescription of sorts, but she left realizing that I could never give her the meaningful answers that she ultimately discovered herself. I gave her something better: a pathway to thinking differently to get to her best answer. But, she had to do the work.

In coaching, I find that it really all comes down to one thing: achievement. In working with clients to get clear on their goals we also create a roadmap to how they will arrive at their results. Then, my clients do the work to get there with my support.

But, the roadmap is key. It’s what closes the gap between where they are today and where they really want to be. It creates the possibility of their goal becoming their reality.

Throughout our session, my client and I worked together and created her roadmap. It was hers. It wasn’t a GPS-like list of directions reflecting someone else’s good idea. Sure, that would’ve been easier but it never would’ve truly been her own.

Even though we all enjoy our conveniences, I’ve found that for those things that are most important to us, we want ownership of them. And, anything worth having and believing in is worth working for. At that point, it becomes ours. We can say “mine.”

My clients frequently thank me at the end of our sessions, but really the acknowledgement goes to them. They are the creators and designers. I’m the privileged one who facilitates the way. And, it’s about their way.

May we each choose wisely where we’ll “point and click” and how we’ll do our own navigating.

Laurie Grace, an East Dallas resident, owns and operates Laurie Grace Coaching, which helps people work toward a higher level of success in life, relationships, and business.


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