Into Every Life …

By Laurie Grace

Frequently, life lessons drop into our lives through the strangest situations. Case in point: last Tuesday night while dining on the patio at Matt’s Rancho Martinez.

I have to explain what happened earlier in the evening first. Then, I’ll get back to Matt’s.

So, last Tuesday, I was speaking to a ladies group about ways to improve communication in our relationships with men. Now, the focus was on communication with a man in any context of relationship — romantic, familial, professional. However, the question-and-answer segment at the end turned to focus on problems these women had encountered with their husbands or boyfriends.

We talked about the potential “whys” as well as what to try next time. At the end of the evening, I was touched by the sincere desire these women had to learn a new way, a new approach and journey down a new path.

Creating a new possibility was the whole purpose behind my talk. And, they got it.

So, purring along after my talk, two friends and I went to Matt’s for dinner. The weather was a touch cool, but we decided it was a beautiful evening to sit on the patio. And, that’s where my life lesson was set up. I just didn’t realize it at that time.

We dived into chips, salsa, and margaritas, and were talking about what a great evening it had been.

Suddenly, my boyfriend reached around to his back and said, “Hey, something just hit me.” I looked around to see if a mischievous kiddo had chucked something at him, but no kids were in sight.

Then, I looked at his back and, ugh, I saw what hit him. Bird poop. We were under a tree. Gross.

So, we wiped away the evidence, and all was good. We continued to chat away and enjoy our food.

You know the saying that lightning never strikes twice in the same place? Well, in the realm of bird poop, yes it does. And it did.

Once we made it back to the car, my boyfriend, the victim, said “Why did I think that couldn’t happen twice? Why didn’t I move after the first time?” It was then that the life lesson came to me.

In life, unexpected things happen all the time. And, often, they come to us as a result of someone else’s action or behavior. It’s true that we cannot change or control their action. I’ve learned that thinking you can and trying to do so only evokes frustration and disappointment. But, we can do something about our response to others. We’re in full control to take action there.

From the ladies at the talk to the patio experience, I learned that whether it be in your relationships, your business endeavors, or in your community involvement, the philosophical “bird poop” will hit the fan.

When it does, you will deal with it at that moment. But, then you have a choice, a new possibility to create in light of what you just encountered.

So, the next time the symbolic bird poop drops, will I move to another chair or will I remain sitting there to see if it might happen all over again? Life is short and is full of choices.

I think I’ll choose to move chairs. There are new opportunities waiting if I am willing to change perspectives.

Laurie Grace, an East Dallas resident, owns and operates Laurie Grace Coaching, which helps people work toward a higher level of success in life, relationships, and business.


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