Scenes Seen at FlowFest

Julia Schloss and Amy Martin

By Bruce Felps

Amy “Moonlady” Martin and Earth Rhythms last Saturday brought forth FlowFest Southwest to the shores of White Rock Lake.

The event also brought out contributing photographer and East Dallas resident Lilia Estrada, who captured the post-Earth Day homage to “springtime movement micro-festival celebrating life in the flow,” as it’s stated on the Earth Rhythms website.

The festivities took place inside and outside the Bath House Cultural Center, where all manner of music, yoga and tai chi exhibitions, face painting, and general merriment ensued.

Peace, man.

All photos by Lilia Estrada.


  1. Thanks to Amy Martin, Rodney Steman, and Monica Blossom for inviting me to paint the tree stump. It was a precious time transforming heart break into joy. A sweet memory to keep forever. Went back on Easter and it was being enjoyed by the
    children there for pic nics with their families…made my heart leap! It’ll be a LOng time before I make art that is this fulfilling! Truly a gift. Bright Blessings Y’all!

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