Adopting cats and dogs

By Bruce Felps

The overnight rainstorm … thunderstorm … hailstorm — take your pick, I got all three — inspired that headline, and yes, a joke failed if you have to explain it.

Anyway, regular readers might notice an addition to this humble little site. That’s it down the middle, underneath the “Weather” image, and how ironic.

Starting today we’ll post photos linking to bios of adoptable dogs and cats available at East Lake Pet Orphanage.

Please cross-post, share, forward, and whatever else is possible through the miracles of modern technology.


  1. Nancy

    This is a great idea! However, please do not post a photo of Leroy from their website because he is MINE. I adopted him a month ago and he still shows up as “available.” TRUST ME, he is not available and his name is now Oliver.

  2. bfelps

    wouldn’t dream of it, Nancy. hi Oliver, what a good boy.

  3. maeleska fletes

    Hey Bruce what about other rescues????

    • bfelps

      oh, maeleska, i’ll continue to post all the lost-found pet notices that come in, and all the rescue-adoption fundraisers and such, but as far a shelter, well, just had to pick an East Dallas place and go with it. it’s not an exclusive or anything.

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