Harebrained Parade Prepares to Roll

Anyone else see a little Lewis Carroll influence here? Or maybe it's influence of another type. — Courtesy Photo

By Bruce Felps

Life is just different along Newell Avenue in Hollywood-Santa Monica kind of like reality’s differences from Alice’s habitat on the other side of the looking glass.

The Newellian Bunny Board leads the way down the rabbit hole in the neighborhood as evidenced by the Very Sixth Ever Newellian Easter Parade, which takes place at 3 p.m., April 24, along the avenue.

The Bunny Board invites, nay, dares Hollywood-Santa Monica residents and folks who live in other East Dallas areas to join in the Easteriest Easter Event Ever, aka: the parade. Fix up a float, imaginative as you wanna be, costume up the selves, kids, and pets, and weird it up with the rest of the nutjobs.

The entry fee to join in the parade costs two dozen candy- or toy-filled plastic eggs, because it’s hard to fill real eggs with anything other than whites and yolks. Decorated bikes, wagons, scooters, cars, tractors, boats, small jet planes, or just about any rolly type of vehicles qualify as floats.

Closet crazies such as Station 19 firefighters, city council representatives, and, rumor has it this year, a mayoral candidate plan to parade with the bunnies.

You have to love a parade led by the Easter Potty Float.

Contact head Bunnellian Liz Simmons at (214) 334-5062 for more information.


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