Something to grouse about

By Bruce Felps

An e-mail message arrived yesterday morning soon after the piece about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon hit the light of cyber-day.

The opening sentence, the “lede” in media-speak, included the phrase “Some area residents groused a bit about the inconvenience of yet another marathon ….” The e-mailer turned out to be one of those folks doing the grousing.

Justin Ashford, who lives along the 4800 block of Swiss Avenue, “Lower Swiss Avenue” as he called it, gave his take for being street-locked because of road closures related to the race.

Mr. Ashford, you have the floor, sir.

As a resident along the most popular race route in the city, let me be another voice amongst all those grousing about the parking restrictions and road closures that impacted residents last Sunday … and for the next two Sunday’s as well. See it’s not just the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon that’s the problem, but the Tour Dallas bike event on April 3 and the Big D Marathon on April 10 that will cause my family and I to either miss church, risk running over innocent event participants, or be ticketed by the police for violating either parking or road closure restrictions three weekends in a row.

After talking to the city Special Events folks about this infringement on my property rights I was informed that they had little choice in the matter and to take up the issue with my councilperson. Unfortunately, Ms. Medrano isn’t responding to my e-mails.

I have a particular beef with the Rock ‘n’ Roll folks because for the second year in a row they failed to provide any notice of the event to impacted residents as required by the Dallas City Code. And while the other two events didn’t provide the 30 days notice required, I did get a couple weeks from them that I didn’t get from the Rock ‘n’ Roll folks. I guess because the other two events are local they’re more interested in being kind to those impacted while the out-of-towners figure the rules don’t really apply to them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against exercise, fitness, or raising money for worthy charities. But having these events back-to-back-to-back is quite the hassle for route residents. I can assure that if these races ran down a councilperson’s street they might pull out a calendar to see how to spread these things out or have them change their routes to give some of us a break.

I know I’m just complaining and that there’s nothing I can do about these three events, but I’m hoping in writing to you that you and the other local media folks can help raise awareness of this issue and help us try to avoid it in the future. I’d appreciate any assistance or awareness you could provide. Thanks.

Awareness provided.

Comments? Ms. Medrano?


  1. Reg Miller

    I don’t have any comment. I am just going to agree with “Something to Grouse About.” One time I had to go all the way down town to get back to my house in Munger Place after going to the store one mile away.

  2. bfelps

    that right there, Reg, we count that as a comment. we can kinda bend the rules a little if we want.

  3. Justin Ashford

    UPDATE: I wanted to let you know that I have received a call from Ms. Medrano and that she acknowledged my concerns. Apparently special events like these do not come before the council but instead are handled within the City’s special events group. Ms. Medrano has a call into the manager of that group and has promised me a call back with what she finds out.

  4. Chris McCall

    The races go right past my front door and it’s thrilling. I hope they don’t change a thing about the events in my neighborhood!

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