Good message, silly presentation

By Bruce Felps

Sometimes PR machines should just play it straight.

The city’s public information office yesterday sent out a notice of a good event to take place tomorrow in the neighborhood.

The Dallas Waste Diversion team and Whole Foods-Lakewood, along with Mother Earth News Radio, join up to stage Rally for Recycling — 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 11 a.m.-1 p.m. [as e-mailed just now], March 31, at the Lakewood store — an ode to the benefits of, well, recycling.

Here’s the silly bit: The event is billed as a 1960s-style rally, but frankly, I don’t remember a lot of recycling going on back during the ‘60s. I was young, barely out of the crib, but I just don’t recall blue bins and such back then. Anyone have a different recollection?

Here’s the sillier bit: The way they tried to use ‘60s hip-speak to promote the event.

“Sanitation employees and volunteers will drop some knowledge and rap about wicked waste diversion opportunities in Dallas. All of the groovy cats and hip chicks will dig it! The 1960’s style recycling rally is a far out chance for squares, flakes, and kooks to score some knowledge that will help them to stop being a sponge when it comes to the environment.”

Bummer, man.


  1. Woodrow Mom

    As silly as you may think it is: it worked. You’re blogging about the event, and people are reading it. I say “good for the City of Dallas for being creative and thinking outside the City Hall box– or upside down triangle, given the shape of the building!”

  2. bfelps

    oh let’s see … what’s the word i’m, looking for here? oh, right, touché, Woodrow Mom. and love the line about thinking outside the upside down triangle. spot on … sorry, right on.

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