Neighborhood Rescues Dog

A stray female dog cared for along Chantilly Lane just has to be named Lace, right?

By Bruce Felps

An e-mail message arrived last evening containing information about a rescued dog who’s become something of a neighborhood project.

A resident who lives along Chantilly Lane came across a young female dog while out Sunday morning for a walk near White Rock Lake. He shepherded the dog home, and neighbors joined in on her food and caring.

The dog is described as about 6-7 months old and on the thin side for what a veterinarian believes is a pit bull terrier-mix. She’s light brown with white markings along her forehead and muzzle, and her undercarriage and paws.

She’s been moved from neighbor’s home to neighbor’s home in a series of foster care stops, and the e-mail correspondent wrote that, “She is extremely sweet and loving and pretty calm for a pup of her age. She gets along great with other dogs, didn’t seem the least bit interested in the neighbor’s cat, and loves kids … she rides well in the car and did fine in the house.”

The vet thinks the dog incurred an injured leg, perhaps from being hit by a car, because a leg stiffened up overnight in a kennel. The morning’s exercise loosened the leg, and the vet prescribed some pain medication. She’s also been vaccinated.

She might be lost. She might be the victim of someone having dumped her near the lake. Either way, she wore no collar or tags nor does she have a microchip with ID information.

Contact one of the dog’s caregivers with interest in providing a foster home or a permanent home.


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