Spring Cleaning a Cluttered Mind

By Laurie Grace

Wow, what a difference a season can make.

I continue to be surprised year after year at the impact spring has:  trees bud, flowers bloom, grass grows, and well, people seem to bud, bloom, and grow anew as well.

I, too, certainly feel the spirit of this spring phenomenon. For instance, spring cleaning: Why I am more inspired to clean up, organize, and toss out this time of year?

And, it seems to go beyond just my closets. It trickles into “life” stuff.

Just as we moved clocks forward last week, I feel new motivation to move things forward in my life and business. You know, those things that have been brewing as ideas and opportunities for a while. Spring seems to bolster a new sense of life force.

Even though I haven’t figured out the “why” behind this seasonal surge, I’m going to just go with it. I felt the need to clear some clutter from my mind and get grounded again.

So, last weekend I spent time hammering through my core values. I asked myself what matters most? What is worth standing up for? What will trump what?

I created a list of 25 values, and then worked to refine it to seven.

The values were not surprising to me, but I had an “ah ha” moment when I saw them in writing. I saw a powerful picture of myself. I also had a deep realization that one of the values was the foundation for all the others.

Freedom. That was the foundation value that made all of the others possible.

If I am not living with a sense of freedom in my work, relationships, and finances, I am limited in my capacity to truly pursue and become those other core values.

Having these values before me has already enabled me to make some key life and business decisions just this week. And I did so with greater simplicity.

The answers became clear and I embraced them with confidence.  What I learned is that with a picture of what my higher level pursuits are, the day-to-day decisions become opportunities for enabling my vision.

Being even more connected to my values now, I am energized and motivated to move forward with purpose. I don’t want anything to stand in the way of my full potential.

I want to be in full bloom. Spring has sprung within, and it feels great.

Cheers to spring and all that comes with it.

Laurie Grace, an East Dallas resident, own and operates Laurie Grace Coaching, which helps people work toward a higher level of success in life, relationships, and business.


  1. Once you’ve all de cluttered your minds, consider de cluttering your homes and closets. The Real Estate Staging Association is partnering with several real estate agencies around town for a March Madness Spring Cleaning drive in March. It benefits local shelters for women. Laurie, Keller Williams City Center is the closest drop off point in East Dallas. I hope you’ll take your items there. The agencies will give you a tax receipt!

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