Eastwood Volunteers Mark ‘It’s My Park Day’

Project director Michael Parkey and Mike Daniel planting on top of the palisade. — Courtesy Photo

Community Contribution

It’s nice to help Mother Nature.

The volunteers of the Eastwood Homeowners Association do that each month as they tend to and manage their neighborhood erosion control project, which won a “Loving My Community” municipal grant last year.

Led by Project Director Michael Parkey, ASLA, the volunteer team installed an erosion control system called a “palisade” around critical trees to stabilize sections of the deep tributary of Dixon Branch Creek.

They planted native ground cover on top of the installation, and in January they placed discarded Christmas trees to control water flow through the creek.

This Saturday, they will extend their monthly maintenance work to the local park at the west end of the creek at Lippitt and Sinclair avenues for the city’s “It’s My Park Day.” They plan to water and mulch around the trees.

“It’s unusual for a local community to identify, design, implement, and maintain erosion control and plant maintenance on a public greenbelt,” Parkey said. “Every day we can see that our work benefits the neighborhood while it saves public curbs and streets.  We’re proud of our partnership with the city, and we encourage folks to get out and spend some time giving back to the parks that make our neighborhoods green and healthy places to live.”

Thanks to Eastwood resident Joyce Pollard for providing the words and pictures.


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