Adios, Matt’s

By Bruce Felps

A regular reader sent an e-mail earlier this week about a circulating rumor that Matt’s Rancho Martinez will be no more at its Lakewood Shopping Center location.

It’s no rumor. The neighborhood restaurant loses its lease at the end of February 2012. Matt III just confirmed the situation during a phone conversation.

“There’s somebody with a lot more money that wants our space,” he said.

I’ll have more on the story after I speak with someone from the property management company, but for now suffice it to say you have one year to go greet Bob. Clock’s ticking.


  1. denorama

    Psh…so unfair.

  2. Renegade

    They better not yank Matt’s and put in a f*ing chain restaurant

  3. If they put a bank or a chain restaurant there, they are going to have a neighborhood mutiny on their hands.

    • bfelps

      no, no bank from what i know — and what i know is not confirmed — but like i said, a chain-lette. sorry, we’re talkin’ Tex-Mex, a chainito.

  4. Ouch. I predict an uprising over this one. This would be a huge loss.

  5. Scott

    Do I smell MiCocina perhaps?

  6. King Lear

    Chainette? what that?
    either it’s a chain
    or it’s not
    kind of like being slightly pregnant.

    Who are we kidding. Whatever restaurant goes in there, we the masses of hungry, will feed on.

    We just don’t have too many choices around the area.

  7. Bobby Fuller

    This isn’t surprising. Their quality has gone downhill over the years. It’s sad to say but Mattito’s does Matt’s own recipes bettter than Matt’s. Check out their new Forest Lane location if you want to get a taste of what Matt’s used to be.

  8. Pigskinnie

    MiCo?!? Meets the description of a local chain with “a lot more money”.

  9. Joe

    I’m gonna hurt someone if I cant get my cowboy style CFS.

  10. Ice

    Good job on scooping The Dallas Morning News, The Dallas Observer, and D Magazine, Bruce!

    • bfelps

      thank you, Ice. love your screen-name by the way. no offense to Pigskinnie and King Lear, because those are pretty awesome.

  11. Emily

    Matt’s does a HUGE business. I really don’t know what to make of this one. I doubt they truly can’t afford it.

  12. Celeste

    It really sucks how this neighborhood is changing. I really miss the old Lakewood 😦

  13. buzz

    The heck with that place. Come down to Oak Cliff. Fill your beer cooler and go to Herrera’s. Far superior chow, and reasonably priced. Show your East Dallas swells what a brave urban pioneer you are.

    Don’t fear the OC.

  14. janie

    Great! Glad to see it go. The place was so dirty, the interior was stale and dingy and the service was consistantly appauling.
    Is this case change will be good. I really hope an independantly owned or Dallas based restaurant moves in. Whomever it is, I’m sure they make much more of an effort.

  15. Stacie Spears

    I’m with Janie, I can’t wait for MiCo! Hello Mambo Taxi!!!! But, I think the good news for the Matt Loyalists, is that it seems they’ll be staying in the area, too, so we’ll all get to enjoy what we like!

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