Calling on Woodrow Nation

By Bruce Felps

The Dallas ISD trustees meet at 5:30 p.m., Feb. 24, at district headquarters.

Woodrow PTA President Jill Cochran and Susan Schuerger of the Woodrow Community Council want parents and supporters of Woodrow and the schools in its feeder path to attend and tell the trustees that pending budgets cuts that could remove significant numbers of teachers from the employment ranks and increase the student-to-teacher classroom ratios by about 50 percent are not acceptable.

They issued a call to action in the form of a community letter, which appears in its original form after the jump.


Dear DISD Parents/Students/Teachers/Taxpayers:

You’ve heard about the pending budget crisis that will, without a doubt, directly affect every DISD student’s classroom experience.   The budget cuts proposed by the DISD will have a devastating effect on DISD students. The current budget proposal calls for a large number of teachers to be fired at all grade levels and class sizes to increase nearly 50%. This is simply not acceptable — not for our children and not for our schools.

The DISD Board of Trustees meeting is this coming Thursday, February 24, 5:30 p.m. The address is 3700 Ross Avenue.

Come to the meeting and let Superintendent Hinojosa and the Board of Trustees know that our community will not accept any cuts to classroom instruction! You have the right to be heard, and even if you are not interested in speaking, you can still be influential by being a visible presence to echo the words of those who will speak. Several community leaders will find plenty to say in their 3 allotted minutes!

Wear purple! Why? In the Superintendent’s “worst case scenario” publication, the portion of the budget that represents “instruction” (Classroom Teachers!) is a purple wedge of the pie chart. His budget proposes cutting up to 3100 campus employees. We can encourage DISD officials to hear us when we say, “Don’t Touch the Purple!”

Let them know we want them to balance the budget by finding ways to economize in the multitude of line items, and leave any cuts to classroom instruction as a very last resort.

Help bring the Woodrow Nation into action. It starts with you and you are not alone!

Power to the people and the purple!

Susan Schuerger
Woodrow Wilson Community Council

Woodrow Wilson High School PTA President
Jill Cochran


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