Shots at Burger Street kill 2

By Bruce Felps

Lights and noise from a police helicopter last night alerted a neighborhood resident and regular reader of this little community news site, and an item published to the Dallas Morning News website this morning explained the clamor.

According to the report, two men sitting in a maroon Jaguar parked outside the Burger Street restaurant near the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Greenville Avenue died in what police believe was a drug-related robbery.

Two men accosted the Jaguar’s occupants about 10 p.m. A fight ensued, shots were fired, the two assailants fled, and police found a bag nearby containing 30 pounds of marijuana.

One man died at the restaurant — which fronts Kroger — and the second died after being transported to Baylor hospital.

Police searched the Phoenix apartments next to the restaurant parking lot, followed a trail of blood to one of the units at the complex, and arrested two men, one of whom was wounded. Their names have not been released.


  1. Polly Bohmfalk

    Once again, MUCH too close for comfort. Is this the Dallas of the future?

    Reminds me of the night in March 2005, when a Dallas gunman popped out of a white Jaguar’s sunroof and killed three men with a semi-automatic assault rifle. It happened at the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and the Central Expressway service road.

    The driver and the shooter are serving life in prison.

    There went the neighborhood.

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