Making efforts worthwhile

By Bruce Felps

Every once in a great while word trickles back of some positive thought, recollection — which, yes, is a thought — action, or reaction spurred by an item published to this little community news outlet.

Such a moment occurred a bit earlier today when Emily Martin, one of the organizers of the Ditch the Dress program to collect retired prom dresses for lower-income Woodrow students, sent an e-mail message about a dress donor.

I thought you’d be pleased to know that a lady read your little announcement about our “Ditch the Dress” sale in East Dallas Times.

She called me and wanted to donate a couple of dresses.

It was really sweet: She’s the apartment manager [of a complex near Gaston and Munger] — a [slightly] handicapped lady of limited means, from the looks of it.

But her daughter, who graduated from Woodrow in 2004, had been given prom dresses, and this lady wanted to pass them on to some other girl who might need them.

I think this lady was happy to remember how beautiful her daughter was at prom.

I went by and picked up the dresses, which were lovely, and will have them at the sale.

Kind of warms the heart.

Yes, [sniff] yes it does.

The dress sale — all frocks $25 — takes place from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Feb. 19, at Northwest Bible Church.


  1. DKC

    YoungLives needs to rethink the insensitive name for this program, however worthy. . . .

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