Animal Attraction

By Bruce Felps

Reader, subscriber, and all around good guy, as far as I know, Francisco Pataro is about to get his wish.

He posted a comment to the article about Emily, the lost basset hound rescued from the treacherous waters of White Rock Lake by some students enrolled at Jesuit, saying, “Those kids deserve to be HONORED somehow.”

Evidently a national animal rights group — um, that would be PETA — heard his exclamation and decided to do just that.

I received an e-mail missive today from PETA’s youth organization, PETA2, informing me that Cole Fincher and Paul Paris soon will receive official framed Compassionate Action Awards, and rightfully so.

Won’t get fooled again, maybe

When they’re not going all crazy-militant on protests, PETA shows a heart toward humans, too, although they do have a wicked sense of humor.

My favorite PETA stunt occurred a few years ago when the organization sent out a press release dated April 1 stating it would drop tranquilizers in a Texas lake where a fishing tournament was scheduled for the next day.

All the fish would sleep through the tournament, the release said, and the anglers would go away empty-handed. Fooled nearly all the local media.

April 1 … fooled … yeah, you get it.

I think I’m in love

Anyway, I had a lovely conversation today just before lunch with a PETA media — nice ring to that — representative named Shakira. I have never knowingly talked with a woman named Shakira, but I would like to do so again.

She and another PETA rep named Rachel explained that the organization daily scours the Weird Wide Web for animal-related stories, heart-warming ones at that, and they found Emily’s tale on this humble little cyber-outpost. As a result, the group opted to bestow commendations on the Jesuit lads because of what PETA reps read here.

I said, wow, that’s really cool that my little piece led to these kids getting their just due, thanked them sincerely, and excused myself to lunch on a ham sandwich.

The PETA ladies don’t need to know that last bit about the ham sandwich, so let’s just keep it among ourselves, OK? I think I might have a shot.

Caution: may be habit forming

It’s beginning to seem that stories here about animals tend to gain a degree of national attention. Well, not the one about the ghost-dog or the time Bogart spent a couple of nights on the roof but those of you with elephant-like memories — animal theme here, folks — might remember that the story of the goat, Great Dane, and three-legged retriever made an episode of “Unlikely Animal Friends” on the National Geographic network after producers read my little recount of their tale.

That’s a habit I can live with … with which I can live, sorry.

Much more of this national exposure, though, and I am so wearing my sunglasses at night.

No, no Corey Hart link. Find it yourself.

Oh, OK, fine, here.

Hmm, I always thought that song was about the glare of celebrity.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times. God, he has such a misplaced sense of his own worth.


  1. KateDFW

    I just love stories with happy endings! It was a miracle those young men found Emily when they did and where able to get her home. Just another reason to have your animals microchipped!

    I hope the guys get more attention and maybe even some more national acclaim. Maybe Oprah should have invited them to be on her show after Michael Vick cancelled. At least they would have told the real story!

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