New Year, New Look for Doctors Hospital

Photo courtesy of Joe Ownbey Photography

Community Contribution

To celebrate the start for 2011, Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake has made several updates and renovations to its hospital campus. With a goal of updating interior sections to increase patient and visitor comfort, Doctors Hospital revamped the main entry lobby and waiting areas, along with patient rooms in the obstetrics unit.

“Doctors Hospital is constantly working to improve the patient experience,” said Chief Operating Officer Chakilla Robinson White. “Visiting a hospital can be stressful, and we want everyone who walks through our doors to feel comfortable and relaxed. The improvements we’ve made reassure our visitors that they are in good hands.”

The main lobby of the building was renovated for an updated, modern feel. The furniture was replaced for increased utility, and the addition of new lighting, tile floors, and artwork added a fresh look.

The color scheme is a cool palette of blues, cream, and browns to create a relaxing atmosphere for patients and visitors as they enter. Also, the greeter station and signage were revamped to allow visitors to easily navigate the hospital when they arrive.

The surgical waiting area was updated and expanded to create a comfortable space for friends and families waiting for patients in surgery. The color palette is similar to the calming blues used in the lobby to promote comfort.

In the obstetrics unit, 10 postpartum rooms were renovated with freshly painted walls, window coverings, and new furniture. Flat-panel televisions were added in each room. The maternity wing received new lighting, artwork, and flooring, all in a warm, bright color palette to create an inviting environment for new moms and babies.

A central nursing station was redesigned for greater efficiency. With the goal of making clinical tasks easier, the new nursing station will help hospital staff and physicians better manage workflow, allowing them to spend more time with patients.


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