C.C. Young Team Completes in Wii Bowling Tourney

The Young Strikers — Courtesy Photo

By Bruce Felps

The Young Strikers, a Wii bowling team of C.C. Young residents, mounts its virtual bowling challenge Feb. 14 to unseat three-time National Senior League champion the SAS Strikers out of Florida.

The Young Strikers — eight players ranging in age from their 50s-80s — train under coach Jerome Lewis, C. C. Young’s wellness coordinator.

They’ll compete in the 10-week tournament, which culminates with a webcast production of the Final Championship in October, against teams from across the Unite States, but they have their sights trained on the SAS Strikers because who wants to see a four-peat?

The National Wii Bowling Tournament is open to all senior communities, including independent living communities, assisted living, nursing homes, adult day care centers, rehab centers, affordable housing communities, and senior centers. Last year’s tournament included more than 120 senior teams from across the country that competed virtually without ever leaving their own communities.

Founded by Senior Sport Partners LLC, National Senior League is the only national Wii competition dedicated to residents of senior living communities. Competitions include three annual seasons of Wii Bowl and/or Wii Golf. Community teams across the country will compete in conferences via score tabulations and webcam viewing to determine a national champion for each featured sport.


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