Medical betrayal

By Bruce Felps

An East Dallas mother, who I happen to know, suffered the near-unbearable reality of pedophilia perpetrated on her daughter by the doctor, friend, next door.

It happened years and court dates ago but they still feel the twinges of healing emotional scar tissue.

The mom gives a warning and an account of the big reveal in today’s Dallas Morning News opinion section.

The offender, a child psychiatrist, managed to skate for a time by pleading out for a probation sentence, and he managed to hang on to his medical license to practice because the State Medical Board, perhaps protecting one of its own, placed him on a type of professional probation, which he eventually failed. Still, it allowed him to continue as a child psychiatrist even though he fondled a 10-year-old girl.

State Sen. John Carona — a Republican representing District 16, which includes East Dallas — filed SB 263 that, if passed, would force the Medical Board to take action more quickly and forcibly against physicians who cut plea deals.

Understandably, the East Dallas mom fully supports the passage of SB 263, and she hopes the community will, too.


  1. Bess Martin

    What can the community do to help make sure this passes? I have a 10 year old daughter, this is so scarey. I saw this article in the DMN, I feel for this family.

    • bfelps

      Beth, i would say contact sen. carona and your state representative. not sure which district you’re in. and follow that link to the bill.

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    […] also urged readers to back a Texas Senate bill — introduced by Sen. John Carona, who represents East Dallas — […]

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