Cold cuts

By Bruce Felps

Like a lot of you, I’m awaiting a crack in the permafrost before venturing outside my feverish cabin.

No, not really. I’ve been out a couple of times and the roads are OK-ish.

But the cold continues to wrap its icy fingers around the throats of a few relied upon businesses. We’ve experienced rolling electric blackouts conducted by Oncor, which have ceased for now but may or may not return tomorrow, and Atmos plans to “curtail” service to “all industrial customers North of I-30 in the Dallas, Rockwall, and Tarrant counties” to keep up with residential demand, and oh, thank God for what little continued heat I can get in this old drafty place.

It goes beyond utilities, though.

An alert reader just sent an e-mail message asking why, pray tell, would people be peering into the darkened windows of Whole Foods-Lakewood at 5 p.m. today when he drove by.

Well, I saw this item earlier today about the Whole Foods in Highland Park closing early and thought, “Aw, sucks to be an entitled Highland Park resident [hahahaha].”

But after the reader’s e-mail, I checked the Whole Foods DFW Facebook page and saw that all their area stores closed today at 4 p.m., so it sucks to be a die-hard Whole Foods customer anywhere in the area. They’ll open, or at least they plan to open, at 10 tomorrow morning.

More, undoubtedly, to follow.


  1. Around 3 PM today I noted, “Gee, I’ll bet someone at Whole Foods is sick of answering and saying, “Yes, we’re open…”” as my cave mates and I discussed our usual emerge-from-the-cave ice walk for survival supplies.

    Glad we decided to do it tomorrow!

    Also glad I have the keys to my out o’ town neighbor’s house – uh, Jeff, we bummed the coffee you had stored in your freezer. Thanks in advance, bud!

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