Hmm, whadda ya know

By Bruce Felps

This from the Things You Learn About Yourself During Extreme Conditions Department: I am every bit the lousy typer wearing gloves that I am when striking the keyboard barehanded.

Kind of harkens back to the days of one-finger hunt-and-peck.

Go figure.

And my question still stands, awaiting, perhaps, an atmospheric-physiologist to weigh in: How is it that 65 degrees outside on a spring day feels nice and comfortable yet 65 degrees inside on a winter day feels frigid?



  1. I grew up in Wichita Falls with no central heat or air conditioning. We had open flame gas heaters but turned them off at night and made a dash for the fluffy comforters and quilts. Heavy but warm. Mornings were a challenge to get out of our warm “pods” and into an icy cold house. Not too many baths either in the winter.
    The kitchen was the best place ever in the winter. Oven going full blast baking breakfast rolls & biscuits & McCann’s oatmeal on the burner.
    We dressed in multi-layers (I still do this). And wrapped up our heads and necks with woolly knit scarves. I even slept in a knitted hat (still do).
    Don’t know how we kept from suffocating.
    Now I have an aging floor furnace, three electric heaters and only a toaster/oven. Warmest place is the dining room where the furnace is located. Love it in the mornings.
    I keep seeking out & plugging up the drafts and believe me there are plenty. Old houses do that it seems.

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